Jan 22, 2011

Fix It Fridays are Fun!

Fix It Friday #83 - Such a fun photo to edit this week, I couldn't resist. This is the original:

Colour Edit

Black & White Edit

Vintage? Edit

Not only was this photo fun to edit but it has made me want to take some great, fun, action photos of my own!

Jan 15, 2011

First Fix-It-Friday

I have been following iheartfaces for a little while now & today (finally) I have participated in something from that blog. Fix-It-Friday #82.


My Edit:

I like to play around with the lighting/shadows/highlights first. Sometimes the highkey photo effect is good for this. Then the contrast is the next to change. However when I do this, occasionally it tends to leave the person looking washed out like this:

I'm absolutley not the most experienced person on photoshop (far from it). For me I find that adjusting the skin tone can bring warmth & more of a natural glow to the face.

Jan 13, 2011

Prepin' some backgrounds

I've been spending my time alternating between activities. Working in my Aj, crochet projects & watching Season 4 of Heroes  (◕‿-)

I have been working on two pages in my Aj. I tried to create a sort of Astrological sky. Whirls of watercolours with black spray paint. I like the result & am looking forward to working on this background.

The following page is a monthly to do list. Currently I'm procrastinating about putting my 'to dos' on this list (by watching Heroes). The flowers match my blog colours hhmmmm . . . *note to self: "Try new colours".

Jan 8, 2011

AJ - Page 2 is Finished

I had left to add the motivating song lyrics, which I did. Then I added some stars & splatter. And also some glitter paint. I'm much MORE pleased with this page now.

Interesting facebook status - I'm joining in !

I was #3 to comment on my friends status. My turn to post this. I'm looking forward to doing something nice for a few of my friends. It will be fun to see who the 5 will be !

Jan 7, 2011

AJ - Motivate Me

This page is not the neatest but I needed to learn not to be so precious. I'm definitely a person who lacks motivation so to remind myself to be motivated I created this page. I have left to fill in the journaling spaces with lyrics from songs that 'get me going'!