Nov 27, 2010

At 4pm - Snapshot

I didn't work today, I had Friday & Monday off to make a 4 day weekend. It's my birthday! Well it's on Monday. Having the Friday off worked out great because my cousin Reece (who is like a brother to me) is visiting from up North with his two little boys. So I was visiting them of course. Taking photos of such gorgeous kids was a delight for me.


Nov 20, 2010

At 9pm - Snapshot

Ahhh Friday night, the beginning of the weekend. I usually like to relax around this time & on this particular occasion I was enjoying a Midori Splice . . .

. . . while reading up on finishing techniques for crochet. I used my fresh knowledge to join together the squares for my crochet bag. 

Make Your Own Owl Calendar

I did.

You choose a picture for each month & then download your 2011 calendar. My Mum loves owls so I will definitely have to share with her & I just think it is too cute not to use.

Owl Lover 2011 Calendar

Nov 18, 2010

Latest Crochet Project

Over the weekend I finished three crochet squares. Two were basic granny squares & the third a double crochet block (if that is even what it's called). These are going to be used to make a bag. I have left to make the strap which I can easily attach with buttons. Also the joining of the squares, which I have never done before & have no idea what to do. Time for research.

I think crochet bags are fantastic, however I am not extremely confident in making them. Lets just say I definitely don't have extensive knowledge when it comes to this hobby, I'm still learning. However by starting off with a simple bag I am hoping to (eventually) be able to make something like this:

Derek Bag by Che - available at Ravelry

Nov 13, 2010

At 10am - Snapshot

This is my third week participating in the Snapshots of Life challenge. At 10am on Friday I was at my desk at work . . .

I Y my big monitor at work (it's bigger then my one at home). On Fridays, once I get all my jobs done I can go. So at this time of day I'm usually stuck to my seat entering the stock count for the following week. I managed to get out at around 12:30 this Friday. And you would think that I would go home and do something useful with my time - instead I played with the dog and watched Eat Pray Love. (✿◠‿◠)

Nov 6, 2010

At 8:00am - Snapshot

I am driving along on a motorway with my camera seating on the dashboard. When 8am appears on the car clock I am on my way to work, doing 100ks.

Let the Race Begin

Even though I didn't win anything in the sweeps, it was a great day. I loved dressing up & wearing my lil' hat/fascinator.

It turned out better than I expected. A crochet white top hat, with lace sewn on under the rim for a girly effect. I used paper flowers from my scrapbook stash & matched them with my dress. The flowers were attached with jewel brads (also from scrap stash). Finishing touches were rick-rack ribbon & the butterfly.

Nov 1, 2010

A good Sunday

To begin - I received a fantastic free crochet pattern from anjibeane for participating in the naming of it. Now dubbed the Neck Candy Neckpiece, what a wonderful pattern!  How many colour combinations can I make & to go with what? Time to look through my wardrobe . . .

Neck Candy Neckpiece Pattern Available @ anjibeane Etsy Store
Next on the agenda - Make my little hat/fascinator, so I had to give the puppy a treat for him to leave me alone . . . then I could crochet. He has to be right near me, preferably touching me naaawwww Y my boy. (More on the fascinator later when it is all finished.)

Out & About – After some crocheting I ducked out with Mum to go opp/thrift shopping. Something which I have wanted to do for quite a while, yay! My most exciting find were two small wooden bowls at $1.50 each. Bargain. Not sure what to do with them yet . . . paint, sand & varnish . . . or even where to put them?