Apr 8, 2011

Paper Play into AJ

One of the things I love about being on holidays is that I can sit around in my daggy clothes. I am planning to have a shower & become presentable shortly. First, I wanted to pop on & share what I was up to this morning with my little paper squares. I have put them into my AJ. I have no idea what I'm going to do now, but they are in there.

Apr 7, 2011

Paper Play

I wanted to have a creative play today but I wasn't sure what exactly to do. I bought a box of crayons a few weeks ago & I decided to try them out. I got some scrap patterned paper out & a few other tools to play with. Here is what I came up with.

I ripped the scrap into small squares which I am yet to decide what to do with. At the moment I'm leaning towards using them in my AJ.

My 1st Doily & this morning so far . . .

Tadah! I got this on the 3rd attempt but at least I didn't throw the towel in. I had trouble getting grasp of the pattern, but when I figured out what I was doing wrong it went smoothly. I made this doily from the Berroco yarn website.

This morning I got up early-ish & started to do some . . . creating (I'm not to sure what to call it) with crayons, watercolours, papered paper & bubble wrap. So far so good. But I have no room. My desk is a mess, I need to tidy up. So I'm going to make a fresh cup of tea (my other went cold while I was in my creative tunnel :P), tidy up & get back into it.

Apr 3, 2011

Lists 1-8 in Everything Journal

As mentioned before, I have started to put my lists from the 30 Days of Lists challenge into my Everything Journal. I haven't included much for the month of March yet so this will be a good record of what was going on during my life around this time.

I also wanted to share a taste (the yarn I used) for a crochet project that is almost finished. I have a week off work next week so I'm looking forward to using my time productively.

Apr 1, 2011

Final Lists (30 Day of Lists) on Listography

30 Days of Lists has ended & here are my final lists.

I bought Crobots by Nelly Pailloux. I'm so excited with what there is to make! Which is exactly what I needed because I have not made an amigurumi in a while. The Babybot on the front cover is so cute. They are quite small though & I'm used to making more medium sized toys. Learning how to attach beads etc & embroider is something I'm looking forward to. I just hope it isn't to fiddly . . .

Other interesting things I want to try:
1. Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread. Yum!
2. Awesome & adorable Leather Coin Purse
3. Workshop - 30 Days of Play
4. Funny Bunnies are so clever & cute!
5. Painted Cross Stitch Wall