Nov 1, 2010

A good Sunday

To begin - I received a fantastic free crochet pattern from anjibeane for participating in the naming of it. Now dubbed the Neck Candy Neckpiece, what a wonderful pattern!  How many colour combinations can I make & to go with what? Time to look through my wardrobe . . .

Neck Candy Neckpiece Pattern Available @ anjibeane Etsy Store
Next on the agenda - Make my little hat/fascinator, so I had to give the puppy a treat for him to leave me alone . . . then I could crochet. He has to be right near me, preferably touching me naaawwww Y my boy. (More on the fascinator later when it is all finished.)

Out & About – After some crocheting I ducked out with Mum to go opp/thrift shopping. Something which I have wanted to do for quite a while, yay! My most exciting find were two small wooden bowls at $1.50 each. Bargain. Not sure what to do with them yet . . . paint, sand & varnish . . . or even where to put them?

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