Mar 24, 2011

Lists on Listography

I have been participating in the 30 Days of Lists using I mainly use this site to keep track of things like movies I watch, music I like, games I play, current to-do & wish list etc. I like using Listography for this challenge because I can add to it as I think of things, I can link items on my lists & it is quick & easy.
List #22 has been my favourite so far. The inspiration for this list introduced me to Jill's Today I Saw blog. I really like this idea & Jill's drawings of what she sees are fantastic.
Here is my list of what I saw on the 22nd of March.

 I have started to transfer these lists into my Everything Journal which I'm looking forward to posting about very soon.

And something I absolutely have to share, my latest Etsy WANT!

Marion Max Fannie Pack

Other interesting things I want to try:
1. Blind Scribble drawing. Great fun!
2. Using a book for an Altered Art Journal
3. Folded Paper: Froebel Star.
4. A super-easy, super-cute bracelet

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