Jun 23, 2011

What to choose?

I want some new doodle books, notebooks, sketchbooks etc . . . I do have a few but they all have a purpose already so I think it's more of a need! Oh but what to choose, I have found so many wonderful, cute, useful books . . . I can not pick just one?

1. Alice in Wonderland Altered Journal/Notebook/Diary - AnistaDesigns
2.  Mountain Monster Screen Printed Pocket Moleskine - finestimaginary
3. Plum-Tastic in Green Extra Small Blank Journal - parksideharmony
4. Blog Mouse/Doddle Pad - lazaflair
5. Dangerous Animal notebooks -  MonkeyDogStudio
6. Little Red and Wolfboy Notebook -  theblackapple
7. Wire Bound - Hardback Journal - My Very Important Notes - PressaRussa
8. White Rabbit Altered Journal/Notebook/Diary - AnistaDesigns
9.  Green and Blue on White Mix Tape Journal - NerdJerk

I really love the Blog Pad & I think it will be great to use, especially since I need help in doing more on & with my blog. I'm a sucker for Alice in Wonderland & I love the leather look of these books. I don't know what to pick!!

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