Jun 14, 2010

This Is ALL I Have To Show For A Long Weekend

Monday (today) is a public holiday so I got a 3 day weekend. I thought what a great opportunity to get some things done. It turned out I only got one thing done. I had a major block when trying to think of ideas & I spent most of the time going through magazines trying to find inspiration. Here is what I came up with . . .

I was really happy to have used the Nursery Rhyme paper I have had for a very long time. It worked well that the paper had a image of a golliwog doll, and the present that is being opened is a golliwog doll.

I used my newly discovered craft (crochet), to make some cute flowers for the layout. Also I made a ruffle & lace affect along the bottom of the page. Folded strips of paper for the ruffles & scalloped cut white paper to mimic lace.

Around the text, I put some gorgeous jewels & pearls. For something that took me so long, it doesn't seem like much . . . . must try harder.

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