Jun 26, 2010

Winter Warmers

My first attempt at these mittens & they turned out fairly good. They do come in handy for me. My steering wheel is leather & in winter it gets very cold. I love wearing them in the morning, during the week when I'm driving to work.

Get the Fingerless Mittens pattern on Etsy at melpdesigns shop.

This scarf most definitely didn't turn out like the picture. I think because I used a smaller crochet hook (I have limited crochet supplies, for now). And the pattern uses bulky weighted wool, I had 8ply at home (again, limited supplies).
However, I do like the way it turned out. It isn't long enough for me (I like long scarves) but I think it is perfect for my god-daughter.
She is always playing with her cousin who is around the same age as her. I want to make them one each so they can be a matching pair. I have some nice aqua wool that will be perfect.

Using light brown & white wool I'm going to try to make a scarf in this style for myself. Elements that I want to include:
  • Longer
  • Stripe - Light Brown & White
  • Double Crochet - Instead of Half-Double Crochet
I got the Ruffled Scarf pattern from LionBrand.

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