Jul 22, 2010

Bobbly Birthday Bird

If I had asked myself a few months ago "Could I make this and it turn out that good?", I would have said "No". I have found amigurumi quite challenging at times, especially when attaching parts. And there were a lot of parts to attach on this bird.  The 3 toes on each leg, the 2 legs to the body & the 2 wings to the body.

One of the very first crochet toys I made was a purple octopus with 8 legs to attach. I almost threw in the towel on that one. The number of times I tried to get those legs sewn on! All on the same row, so they had to fit perfectly one next to the other. Now it only takes me three attempts at the most to attach a limb. Yay!

This Bobbly Bird pattern from rosieok's Etsy store, I used to make the pink Bobbly Bird for my Sister-in-laws birthday present. I adore the way it has turned out . . . hhhmm aqua blue one for me?

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