Jul 10, 2010

I feel like a Crochet Machine

Never have I taken to such a hobby. I crochet on my breaks at work. I crochet after work. I crochet in bed at night watching T.V. I crochet on the weekends. When I'm not crocheting, I'm thinking about it. Unless I'm asleep (I haven't had a dream about crocheting yet).

I'm working on an Amigurumi animal for a birthday present. But I also want one for myself. So I've got a little production line going. It's working out well, I started last weekend & I'm about half-way through. I've been stuck on changing colours each line to get stripes. The part where I change the colours seems to have big holes.

But I kept at it, tried different ways & I have now figured it out. So hopefully by the end of the weekend I will be close to finishing. Then I have to start on another birthday present !!

I finished the scarf I wanted to make for myself. I think it has turned out well. The day I wore it to work my friends seemed to like it & were hinting that they would love one *cough*purple*cough*.

I had a little experiment in Photoshop Elements with this photo. I like finding new things I can do.

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